Super Six MRGL

Presenting the latest in a trusted family of 40mm Grenade Launchers, Milkor unleashes the new 40mm Super Six MRGL, a versatile sixth generation 6-shot launcher with different options of cylinder length. A wide variety of 40mm ammunition can be fired from the SuperSix platform. The effective range includes all existing low and medium velocity ammunition. Rounds can be fired in a rapid succession of 6 rounds in less than 3 seconds (operator dependent). Standard 6-shot area coverage of at least 20m x 60m. The SuperSix is manufactured from Mil Standard materials to endure most severe battlefield conditions.


  • Caliber & rounds: 40mm Standard and medium velocity rounds
  • Type: Multi-shot semi-automatic revolving action
  • Capacity: 6 Rounds
  • Practical firing rate: 6 Rounds in 3 seconds
  • Overall length (butt extended/retracted): 835mm / 780mm
  • Weight: 6.79kg (sight and butt stock)
  • Effective range: 800m (ammunition dependent)
  • Picatinny rail: 1 or 4

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