BE Meyers Celownik IZLID 200P
B.E. Meyers


The IZLID 200P is a lightweight compact sight and IR target illuminator. The size of this device makes it ideal to use either as a hand held system or install it on various types of weapons.


  • Weight: 278 g ( AA battery version) / 240g (CR123 battery version)
  • Dimension: 21.6x4.31x4.5 cm ( AA version) / 15.6x4.31x4.5 cm ( CR123 version)
  • Range: 39 km (narrow) / 780 m (wide beam)
  • Maximum power: 195 mW
  • Battery: 2xAA lub 1xCR123
  • Water resistance: 20m for 2 h

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